Please stand by while I look for a mirror to scream eejit at

If you’re dropping in for a treatment, be sure to ask about the referral offer. If you send a sore acquaintance to me, I’ll do your next session for free. I also look after pet dogs, and all I charge there is like a litre of milk or something. I like the low fat stuff. Helps keep the cholesterol down, but of course we all know that sugar is more dangerous than fat. Which reminds me, if you’re coming to see me, be sure to drink plenty of water


Hi, I'm Eoghan, and I don't like building websites

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  1. Eoghan Brophy

    That was a test comment up there by the way. You know if you really like me, you’ll bring a litre of low-fat supermilk. That’s what I usually buy myself. You’re very kind. Get in touch though, even if it’s only for a chat. I’m here to help

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