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The tale of Cheeky Beakey (with AI art to add emphasis)

After I started looking around for an Amatsu school to do my training all those years ago, I came across Daghda. Pricey as all hell. As the years went by I figured out why. The politics, backstory and internal nonsense of Amatsu would put fair City to shame. I’m always glad to hear of people making ammends of course, so my only goal in this regard is o point out how silly interpersonal conflict is, unless it offers everyone an opportunity to grow

Our story today concerns one Sean Beakey, or Cheeky Beakey as he will henceforth be known, because it’s well known that (in Dublin at any rate), the most effective form of character assassination is a well placed nickname. And the funniest part of it all is always trying to figure out what people call you behind your back. Remind me to tell you story of the wicked chicken. It’s a family favourite.

The unexpected bill. Prices charged for Amatsu instruction were so high even Snoop would have raised an eyebrow
The unexpected bill. How much!?! Ask me when you see me

My real training began with Helen Clarke. She did her training with Billy Doolin, who did his training with Masaaki Hatsumi himself. Amatsu is pretty easy to do as long as you move within the moment, focus on the feeling and forget everything you know about muscle testing. The instruction of Amatsu for a Western learner would be far better suited to an apprenticeship than a traditional academic qualification. But of course I should get back to talking about Cheeky. I think he’s skint (as of time of writing) because he’s seems to be emailing everyone with any sort of Amatsu business website these days, thinking they want to learn something off him. I reckon he probably needs help with fuel for his car, which if you’ve seen it, well not even OPEC could help you there Cheeky, sorry pal. Even a full tank into that monster would get you no further than Inchicore, and you’re in Crumlin. 

This is an AI art rendition of how talking about Daghda still makes me feel to this day. I don't think they realise the damage they did

And so what of Cheeky? Do you think I should reply to that email? I don’t think I’ll bother. Probably safer to ignore. It’s probably wiser just to keep my peace and remain in the moment with myself, just before thought arises, because therein is presence and tranquility. I guess it just annoys me that greed is so pernicious in the world. My good nature and butter heart (used to spread the love) are easily exploited by people like that. If it weren’t for the MS, I probably could have spotted it sooner. Amatsu isn’t widely known, and Cheeky would do much better to get a bit of publicity going. That’d actually help the people he’s trying to train instead of shaking them down for cash. Don’t sign up for training courses. If you want to learn Amatsu, I’ll teach you the basics for free. There’s only really about 12^4 things to know.

The best way to learn for me is by doing
Amatsu as it should be taught. AI is a bit crap at drawing faces
He said she said, and then it all kicked off
Drama, in my mind, is a waste of time

 In Irish, we have a fine phrase: Aithníonn ciaróg ciaróg eile, which essentially translates as it takes one to know one. Sean always referred to himself as Mr. Sean Beakey. I should have suspected an ego from the start. And I would have been right. I think the nastiest memory I have of the limited interactions we did have was a time when he told our instructors not to spoon feed the students. That was really unpleasant. We’d all paid big money for the course, only to get notes riddled with typos, inconsistent instruction and no notions of pedagogy really. I very nearly thought to report them to the Gardaí for running a scam. Turns out it was just a bit of a dodgy course.

Probably what the classroom looked like, at least as far as I could decrive it to AI from memory
You know David McCarthy tried to excuse the typo-fest away by saying he had Dyslexia? Yeah, it's called spellcheck buddy. Paste into word, hit F7 like everyone else

I remember playing the MS card to get a laptop to type up my exam result answers on. Stuck them for a €300 bill from Harvey Norman or Currys or some such. I doubt that laptop has seen much use since. You know there was wifi on that laptop? They didn’t know how to disable it. Wouldn’t have been much point cheating of course, but I doubt they would have noticed. I maybe did that out of spite because I was upset with Daghda about how they were treating us. Ultimately, out of the all the students who started with us, only 1 actually reached the end of the course. The real cream of the insult was when Cheeky spent 20 minutes knocking together certificate of attendance for what was supposed to be my Anma qualification. I know it was 20 minutes because of the timestamps on the emails. I don’t think I’ll ever forgive Daghda for that. Many of my classmates ended up having to bear significant financial hardship. I think one is still delivering pizza, trying to make ends meet. 

I just hope Cheeky isn't gouging other naive people

Do you run an Amatsu clinic as well? Have you gotten an email from Cheeky Beakey? How did it strike you? Did he even remember who you are? Mine didn’t even refer to me by name. It’s pretty sloppy, but no more than I’d expect. Certainly I’m sure he’s a good practictioner, but I wound’t buy him a pint. I doubt he’ll ever even check this website. I gave him and David McCarthy an awful lot of money for something that I could have made myself with 20 minutes on a free certificate maker. I’m just glad I’m in a better place now. A few years of therapy fixes most problems. So Daniel 12:4 applies in this case. Keep with Helen and get better at helping people. Remain thereafter in the moment before thought, and dwell in peace. Keep watching the Mooji videos folks. All things known have come from peace into chaos, and so will inevitably return back to peace again. Given a long enough timeline, even time will stop eventually. 

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