Oops! You broke it!

Ah yes, the obligitory 404 page. Here we can see a picture of you or someone you care about sitting on the can trying to escape the doomscroll cycle of tiktok.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your loved ones who are still caught in the dreaded cycle of cat video, recipe video, car crash video and daft fact video. Or whatever it is the algorithm is choosing to show you

And yes, of course the picture is lifted from istock. No, it’s not me. Yes, it is amazing what people can get paid for these days. I think my own famous last words will be something along the lines of “I wanted to be a balaclava model!” 

But don’t worry too much about that. We all get a bit lost sometimes. Fortunately there’s a phone number you can call at the top of the page there that’ll get you through to me. After that we can figure out how to get you back on track

Ah jaysiz! I tell you, you have to be careful sifting through stock image galleries these days. You never know what you might find. This gem absolutely belongs on this page. I might even make a page specially for it, called "flush with success!", because nobody wants to deal with what happens when that's not the case. I shouldn't be let out at all really. Mind you, you don't want to spend too long siting on the can. Overdoing it can cause hemorrhoids. You have been warned