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I don’t know what the hell I’m doing with this website. I didn’t even honestly even want a website. I’d much prefer you just call me, book in, and I’ll have you out pain as soon as possible. I mended a pair of sore shoulders at

Connolly Luas stop once. That’s who I am. Because I reckon if you’re not solving problems for someone you’re making them for yourself or others.

Yeah, so this is basically the blog page. I’ll try and make it like the blog or journal page. But of course I don’t know

much about websites really so bear with me. Better a bear with me than with you because that situation could get very hairy altogether. Bears are fast too once they get going. Oh yeah, did I mention the ADHD?

And be honest with yourself before you’re honest with me. A bit of light hearted balderdash makes most of us feel

better, right? Try to become the actualised remainder of your infinite potential as bounded by the rest of your life.

If pain is getting in the way of that, you’re in the right place. Call me, let’s mend you, and then we’ll pursue awesomeness.

Current shower thought theory suggests that if everyone reached full self-acceptance, the world would be a much nicer place, but of course I never much liked currants or raisins. Used to pick them out of scones and cakes all the time. Too much like hard work now. Might as well just eat them


You were thinking web links? I was more thinking golf courses myself actually

A Daft Meme

You keep them from wandering off with a D fence ;)
Daft nonsense

Wacky Idea

Stikes me that conciousness might be a grand field effect created and governed by complexity. Ask me about that later. Consciousness can’t easily observe itself

Shopping List

  1. Milk
  2. Eggs
  3. Breakfast cereal
  4. Blueberries

Matters of Concern

I sure hope we’re not too late to reverse global warming. I like going outside.

Mind yourself with notions

There’s many a notion that has done no good. Some of them have sharp corners. If you’re in a very bad way or bleeding, I’ll have to recommend A&E

Solar Powered since 2020s

NYA is the only solar powered Amatsu clinic in the world, as far as I know. There are 11 solar panels on the roof, so you’re saving the planet when you book in with me. I’m carbon neutral

Ask me about MS

Sure I’ve had MS since 2009. I had a hunch about the EBV angle in 2011. I was right too. Took ages to prove that one. See also the HHV6a virus and work done by Kirsten Loomis. Interesting stuff

Wide Toebox shoes

You know people who live their lives in flipflops don’t get bunions? Check out these shoes for more information

The Silly Sausage

A long time ago, Mam suggested I go out and meet people. I heard ‘go out and meat people’, and so a legend was born

Morlene the Pork Chop & Friends

Why not download this and colour it in?

I might joke about things

Pain isn’t one of them. If you’re here because you’re sore, I really hope we can discuss a treatment plan